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18 Maret 2012

Download Game Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, sometimes shortened to Operation Flashpoint, and abbreviated OFP, is a tactical shooter and battlefield simulator video game developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio and published by Codemasters. The game uses the same engine, Real Virtuality, as the military simulator VBS1. It was released on June 22, 2001 in Europe and August 30, 2001 in North America. Set on a group of fictitious islands in 1985, Operation Flashpoint puts the player on one of three sides in a hypothetical conflict between American and Soviet forces. The Resistance is the third playable faction. Two expansion packs were released; Gold Upgrade, which included Red Hammer, a campaign from the Soviet perspective, and Resistance, which introduced various new features and improved graphics and sound effects. An Xbox port was released in 2005 under the title Operation Flashpoint: Elite. Operation Flashpoint was praised for its attention to realistic combat.


Recommended Requirements:
Windows 95/98/ME or 2000
Intel Pentium III 600 CPU or better
128Mb RAM
450Mb Hard Disk Space
16 bit DirectX compatible soundcard
24X Speed CD-ROM Drive
Compatible 3D graphics card with 32Mb RAM 

4 komentar:

Hadi Sukoco

Gudangnya game bagus neh.. Mantap Gan...

Hendra Kurniawan

thks kunjungannya sob, sering-sering ya maen kesini...


Operation Flashpoint: Elite mana gan,,, cariin linknya donk buat pc bsa gga si

Hendra Kurniawan

itu udah ada sob tinggal di download...

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